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Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

Trust the Experts at Aberdeen

Every desktop publishing and typesetting project you send us is reviewed by a native speaker of the language, ensuring the accuracy and quality of each document.


We know the cost of doing business and we keep our prices competitive so that you can produce excellent communications while staying on budget.


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Full-Service Translation and High-Quality Design

Aberdeen Languages Services is your complete solution for foreign language document production. After we translate your documents we can turn them over to our desktop publishing (DTP) and typesetting experts.


We offer DTP and typesetting in any language you need. Whether Mac or Windows, you can be assured that our designers use state-of-the-art technology to fit the document to your exacting requirements. 

Specialized Skills in Multilingual Desktop Publishing & Typesetting 

Our desktop publishing/graphics team can work with any graphic format. They also specialize in non-Roman character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic.


Every DTP project takes into consideration the special needs of foreign language translation:  

·         Translation into another language can increase text. We create more space while ensuring your documents retain the high quality seen in the native language version.

·        Currency formats and punctuation rules can vary. Our translators ensure accuracy in these areas.

·        Typesetting of the special characters used in some languages requires tremendous attention to detail.We take the time to get these characters right.

Desktop Publishing & Typesetting for a Full Range of Business Documents

Use our typesetting and DTP services to create:

Annual Reports